Friday, March 28, 2008


The call comes at 3 in the morning, as these calls always do. The alarm company, telling me that an alarm had been triggered in the store. The difference this time--there'd been an actual break-in.

I get to the store by about 3:15. I see cops across the street, along with someone who is obviously in custody (slight, probably male, wearing a sweatshirt with the hood pulled up). Another cop greets me outside the shattered door to my store.

"Yeah, looks like he smashed your door, then went across the street to Quicksilver and smashed the window there. Can you tell if anything was taken?"

I look around, and aside from the shattered safety glass all over the entryway, nothing looks disturbed. The cops take my info, do their thing, and head off, leaving me to wait (all alone, in a store that's wide open, in the wee small dark hours of the morning) for the glass guy to arrive. The Quicksilver manager, being in the same position I am, wanders over, and we get to talking.

Seems he had gotten a bit more information than I had, and learned that this was how it went down. Mr. Clever hit our stores at the end of a little window smashing spree, having hit three or four other businesses before he got to ours. When he stepped into my store he looked up and saw himself on the monitor that hangs above the front tables. He decided it would be a good idea to break into the clothing store across the street so that he could change his clothes.

You know, so that he wouldn't get caught.

They caught him with his pants down, as he donned his masterful disguise right in the front of Quicksilver.

What I'm reading now: The Dissident, by Nell Freudenberger

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