Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cool Cache by Patricia Smiley

Tucker Sinclair is young, good-looking, and fast-talking. Why, she's snappy. She's a business consultant who helps struggling small businesses find a voice and an image. Oh yes, she solves crimes on the side. Cool Cache opens with our sometime sleuth stopping in after hours at the tony Nectar, the Beverly Hills chocolate shop owned by her latest client...and finding a body. Oh dear. The story is well-plotted, with some nice twists and turns. Tucker, her assistant Eugene--germophobe and PI wannabe--and real PI Charley Tate (ex-LAPD, natch) are likable, nicely drawn characters. And, as in most LA-based crime fiction, the city is as much a character as the people, and she's nicely drawn as well.

An easy, satisfying read.

What I'm reading now: Woman in Red by Eileen Goudge

Disclosure: In accordance with new FTC guidelines for bloggers I must let you know that I received a free review copy of this title.  My reviews are just that: reviews.  They are not endorsements, nor am I ever compensated for posting my opinion. 

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