Sunday, June 22, 2008


A serial killer with a very bad mommy. A grizzled cop brought out of retirement--along with his former team--to hunt him. A hot, hot summer in a very gritty New York. Who could ask for anything more?

In the New York of In For the Kill a serial killer, soon to be dubbed "The Butcher" because of his practice of carefully dismembering and then fastidiously stacking the remains of his victims in their own bathtubs, is stalking the city. He's called out retired NYPD detective Frank Quinn, chosen him as his nemesis, and Quinn has answered the call. He's brought along--also out of retirement--the team who'd helped him nab serial killers in the past.

They read the clues, always a tantalizing step or two behind the killer. They arrest the wrong man. And in a predictable--but still enjoyable--twist at the end, the bad guy almost gets somebody dear to one of the cops.

While the novel could have used some deft editing--there are a several instances where the exact same description of a character's quirk is given--still, the writing is workmanlike and gets the job done. A good beach read.

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My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler

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