Friday, October 24, 2008


Bones finds Dr Alex Delaware consulting on a case involving a murder in the wetlands of West L.A. An anonymous phone call to an indifferent teen volunteer at the office of Save the Marsh, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of the Bird Marsh in Playa del Rey, tips the police off to a body dumped in the marsh. Soon, three other bodies turn up.

All evidence seems to point to the twitchy ex-con caretaker of a wealthy family's estate. Alex Delaware's job is to determine whether the obvious answer is the right answer. As always, there are detailed descriptions of the L.A. landscape, Milo Sturgis butts heads with his superiors, Robin is lovely, and Blanche the French Bulldog puts in an appearance. Ooh, and this one has kinky sex (or, at least, talk of kinky sex...)

Not Kellerman's best (he kind of seems to be dialing it in on this one) but still, even his lesser novels are terriffic page-turners.

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