Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Becky Jack is the housewife. She's your average deliriously happily married mother of three (with one on the way), a devout Mormon in a community of Mormons, secure and comfortable in her life and beliefs. Felix Callahan is the actor. He's the beautiful guy next door type, an Englishman cut from the same cloth as a Hugh Grant or a Colin Firth. He too is happily married, to a French supermodel.

Becky and Felix meet cute in the L.A. office of a production company where Becky's gone to finalize the deal on the sale of her first--unagented!--script. They have an almost instant When Harry Met Sally kind of chemistry, witty banter, gentle insults, and all. They can't get out of each other's minds, and against all odds (her mildly disapproving community, the utterly uncomprehending circles in which he moves) they become friends. Good friends, fast friends, best friends.

Shannon Hale has written a thoroughly charming, completely adorable fairy tale for modern times. Suspend your disbelief, grab a diet coke and a big bowl of popcorn, make sure there's a box of tissues handy (although you won't need them too often--maybe just your popcorn napkin will suffice), and sit back to enjoy a lovely read. No awards will be won by this book, it won't be taught in college classes, but it will give you a quietly satisfied feeling.

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