Monday, April 6, 2009


Aurora Teagarden--Roe--is now a lady of leisure. After inheriting her friend Jane's estate, Roe quit her job as a librarian and has been dabbling in real estate. But wouldn't you know it--the first time she shows a house on her own she has an electric meeting with a mysterious man and she discovers a dead body. What's up with that?

Lawrenceton, Georgia, a suburb of the rapidly encroaching Atlanta, is a hotbed of murder and intrigue. But what small town in America isn't? Roe is a tolerable amateur sleuth, most of whose insights are aha! moments rather than the result of carefully examining the facts. But who cares? Her little circle is chock full of interesting characters, from her elegant, Lauren Bacall-esque mother (Aida Brattle Teagarden Queensland) to Martin Bartell, the mysterious new man in town with a possibly shady past. And if you figure out who the murderer is halfway through the book, so what; it's the journey to the big reveal that's the real fun, not the reveal itself.

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