Thursday, April 8, 2010

Truly, Madly by Heather Webber

The Valentine family is aptly named: they're matchmakers. They're all imbued with a
psychic gift which allows them to read auras and make matches based on their reading.  Valentine, Inc. is the vehicle which they use to make a very comfortable living with their familial gift.  The only trouble is, no Valentine has ever made a truly successful match for himself...  

As Truly, Madly opens, Lucy Valentine's father, who has recently suffered a heart attack while in the arms of the latest in a long line of romantic dalliances, has told her that she must take over the business while he's away with her mother (they have a very sophisticated marriage) recovering. The trouble is, an electric shock when she was in her teens changed the nature of Lucy's gift, and rather than read auras she finds lost things. But, duty calls, and Lucy goes to work. Almost immediately she stumbles upon a mystery, and learns to use her gift to help others.  

Need I mention that Lucy also meets a handsome and mysterious private investigator with whom she has instant chemistry? And that everyone lives happily ever after? Well, she does, and they do. Truly, Madly is chick lit, it's romance, it's all about attractive people leading nice lives, and, as such, is a wonderful escape. Lucy's just awkward enough to be relatable, her friends and family are just quirky enough to be interesting, and author Heather Webber injects just enough good-natured humor to keep it light and lovely.


Try Jennifer Crusie. Both authors make a nice compromise between straight up romance and main stream fiction. I was particularly fond of her Welcome to Temptation. Janet Evanovich's Metro Girl series is also comparable.

Disclosure: In accordance with new FTC guidelines for bloggers I must let you know that I received a free review copy of this title.  My reviews are just that: reviews.  They are not endorsements, nor am I ever compensated for posting my opinion.  

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