Monday, June 21, 2010

Coming Soon to a Download Near You!

We're going to be a publisher.  By late summer or early fall of 2010 Laughing Dog Press is excited to announce the publication, as an e-book, of our first title.

Norman's Conquest by our very own Pete Ledesma tells the story of one week in the life of Norman Sloat.  Short, near-sighted and lacking most of his hair and an equal amount of self-confidence, Norman teaches science at Millard Fillmore High School. Hyperaware of his own inadequacy, Norman fantasizes, not about bodacious babes or world conquest, but the middling and realistic fantasy – he feels – of bedding fellow teacher Glenda Balzac.  Short, sharp-tongued, near-sighted and nearly androgynous, Glenda teaches remedial English.  But Norman, a socially inept military history buff, appears to have no real hope of achieving even this modest aspiration. Enter Rick DaSilva, ex-pro football star, bon-vivant, and current head football coach at Fillmore.   Suddenly, Norman finds himself thrust into a slippery seven day adventure.  Poker, boxing, Indian bingo, cock fighting, Rick's side, Norman will experience it all - and then some.

Please stay tuned for information about Norman's Conquest.

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EnriqueFreeque said...

Congrats! Can't wait to read it! Sounds awesome.