Sunday, June 27, 2010

Will it Never End?

When I worked at the bookstore, I saw all the new books, all the time.  I saw all the backlist, all the time.  I shelved all over the store, and managed to find books I was interested in even in when working in the business section or the sports section.  I talked to my coworkers about what they were reading and what they had read and what they were going to read.  I talked to my customers about the same things.  

My list of books to read was endless.

I thought that list would shorten when I left the bookstore.  I figured I would start working my way through it, I wouldn't come into constant contact with book stuff, and I'd be freed of this lifelong thing of mine.  You know, my obsession.

But no.  I've found other ways to enable myself.  I receive no fewer than four daily email newsletters from various sectors of the book business.  I belong to two book social networking sites.  I have a library card now, and visit the sale books carts every time I visit the library.  

Although I keep a running list of books I'm interested in next to the computer, I don't ever carry it with me.  I only carry the list in my head.   Thankfully, there's a short between memory and front of brain that makes me forget what I was so desperately interested in just hours before.  Unfortunately, I have Amazon on my bookmark bar and when I'm home everything I want is mere clicks away.

A gentle madness indeed.

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