Monday, July 26, 2010

Book World Odds and Ends

An interview, a video, a reading list...snippets from the world of books.

Aging bad boy Brett Easton Ellis doesn't care what you think about him, and he doesn't care if you know it.  From The Guardian.

No corsets, no hat pins, and no crying...Jane Austen's Fight Club.

From NPR's Scott Simon, a London cabbie's summer reading picks.  No, really...we should all be so well read.  

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EnriqueFreeque said...

Been forgetting to do my promised clicking on your ads of late. So made up for it some just now. You're at least 10 clicks closer to your store.

Oh, and I just had the additional Bret Ellis thought: In that interview (and others like it) he wants us to think he doesn't care, but he cares a lot what people think of him. Just my opinion, having scrutinized him for the past 20-plus years.