Friday, July 9, 2010

Have a Little Self Control

So Pete and I hit the big monthly library sale in Rolling Hills yesterday.  Score!

He found a few volumes of history and biography...just a little light reading for the bedside.  Well, for his bedside, anyway.

As usual, I tried very hard to be responsible, to select items that I thought might have a chance of selling online.  And, as usual, my fancy may have run away with me.  I, for instance, would very much like to own a first edition of John Irving's The World According to Garp, so, I told myself, there are probably many others out there who want one as well.  I'll pick it up for three bucks, list it on Amazon, and, in the meanwhile, I'll just shelve it right in there with the I's on my bookshelf.  You know, for safekeeping.

We got a first edition, in really good shape except for the missing dust jacket, of The Caine Mutiny.  That's got to be worth something to somebody.  Right?

Then there were the not-very vintage, but still pretty cool, mysteries I found.

I picked up Nocturne, by Ed McBain, a late-period 87th Precinct novel.  And a first American hardcover edition of Slam the Big Door by John D. MacDonald, first published as a paperback original in 1960 and not brought out in hardcover until 1987, by The Mysterious Press.

I grabbed a bunch of contemporary firsts.  Well, I might be able to sell them...and I certainly want to read them (except maybe the Palahniuk--sorry, Chuck).

I've had Tropic of Night on my wish list for a while, so for a buck that went into the pile.

And finally, a book which I would have purchased exclusively for the cover (in case you can't tell, the D and the O in the title are round, pink breasts), but the synopsis of which is so hilarious (in 1965 a beer truck driver is approached by an old college friend to write a sex book a month...28 months, 280 sex scenes, $25,200 later and he's all, um, tapped out) that, for a buck, it was a must have.  I mean, smut from the great Donald E. Westlake, circa 1970.  How wonderful is that?

Twelve books for sixteen bucks.  All in all, I'd say we had a good haul.  Cheaper than a movie, at least.


EnriqueFreeque said...

That's all fine and dandy about your great book haul (seriously, good job! glad it wasn't a bust!)... but ... more importantly, is there any way you can enlarge the "D" and the "O" on that Westlake Schezerhade (sp?) book cover you got, so that my appreciation and perspective of the novel's artwork can be enhanced?


Rebecca Glenn said...

Done (although the picture resolution isn't that great).

Wasn't a bust.

; )

EnriqueFreeque said...



Wrighton said...
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Man of la Books said...

I read "A Long Way Down" a few years ago and really liked it, even though it's not usually my cup of tea.