Monday, July 19, 2010

Honk If You Think I Should Have a Bookstore

I went book thrifting again today.  During an hour of perusing the books--I found thirty for ten bucks, and several of those were good finds--it struck me (pardon me if this sounds immodest) that I know a goddamn lot about books.  Books are what I love.  I should spend all day working with them and talking about them.

And then I remembered.  Oh yeah, I did that.  For sixteen years.  

But I worked for somebody else then, for the man, as it were.  

Do you think the economic climate is right for going into business?  Do you have seventy five grand I could borrow?


Man of la Books said...

If you do open a book store you have to realize that you are selling much more than books.

You are selling expertise, a meeting place, a social environment. A place where book clubs could gather and chit chat 'till the cows come home.

Here is a story about two ex-corporate consultants who decided to open up a book store.

Rebecca Glenn said...

Thanks for the link! Actually, though, I have the knowledge and the expertise. I worked for a chain for nearly 16 years, as general manager for the last 10 of those. I'm all about the gathering and the book clubs and the chit chat...I'm just not all about the capital to get it running.


EnriqueFreeque said...

I see you have 22 followers. $75M is a lot of risk for one person to tackle alone. Two people not as bad. Three or four even better. How many of those followers, you think, if presented with a killer business plan (and saw that you'd obtained a potential killer location location location; did I say location?) would be intrigued by the opportunity in investing in an indie-bookshop's start up, with either labor, cash, or actual books?

Just a thought.

Honk honk ...