Thursday, August 5, 2010


If, as I freely admitted a couple of days ago, I'm an addict of sorts, then why is it that, despite my already towering and ever-growing stacks of books to be read, sometimes I can't find anything to read?

Of course, all things aren't equal, and sometimes a thriller just won't cut it.  But I bring in, quite literally, twenty or fifty books a week, in all genres.  I do acquire most of these with the intention of selling them, but still, I have some interest--often quite a lot--in all of them.

Feel my pain: I'm jonesing to start a new book--good lord, I finished one five minutes ago, I'm already shaking--and yet...and  yet...I can't decide what to read.  Sometimes this dithering leads me to things that I should have read months ago--I recently picked up Jonathan Tropper's This Is Where I Leave You during just such a shaky I-got-nothing-to-read session.  Beautiful and brilliant; don't know why it wasn't right at the front of my sorry little mind when it came time to choose.  But the books do pile up, and things do get buried.  And just the other day I grabbed one of the many Carl Hiaasen's I've been picking up here and there, with the intention of someday reading him.  And wasn't it worth it?

Perhaps this speaks once again to the need to reflect for a few moments after finishing a book?  Perhaps choosing the next one more thoughtfully will allow me to pull more gems out of the piles?



EnriqueFreeque said...


I've just completed some unsolicited calculatin' for ya:

20 to 50 books per week = 85 to 220 per month = 1,020 to 2,640 per year.

In a decade? 10,200 to 26,400. How many new bookshelves did you buy? **covers mouth so not to laugh**

I googled "reading addiction" just as a goof, thinking there'd be funny, musing pieces like yours, and I came across this! Oh no! She's not kidding, Becky!

Rebecca Glenn said...

I figure it has to slow down some time.

And Princess Perky is just a freak. I bet she never watches a marathon of Everybody Loves Raymond or The King of Queens. Oh wait, neither do I. But you know what I mean...

Wrighton said...

I really understand the dilema becasue some times the adiction requires the the right fix, sometimes that is light reading, sometimes dark, Maybe love or the thrill, but the addiction itself calls out for the type of fix.
Good luck have a great day.