Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reading Roundup

It's the brief version this week.  I'm writing this ahead of time so that I can quickly publish it before I hop a plane in the morning.  I'm going to San Francisco to visit my friend John. Good host that he always is, he'll make sure I get to do all of the sightseeing my little heart desires.  I'm hoping for a bookstore or two...City Lights, maybe?  And my visit will be culminating, on the sad anniversary--fifteen years!--of Jerry Garcia's death, with a Grateful Dead themed Giants game.  


Tourist Season by Carl Hiaasen, not yet reviewed.  My first--his first, too, coincidentally.  And why haven't I read Hiassen before?  No reason at all...but I'll definitely read more soon.  The short version: The book opens with a murder: the president of the Chamber of Commerce is found stuffed in a suitcase with a rubber souvenir alligator shoved down his throat.  Ouch!  The action only gets more antic and frantic and manic from here.  

They're Watching by Gregg Hurwitz, not yet reviewed.  The short version:  Patrick Davis is a screenwriter who was fired off of his first picture for punching out the star of the movie.  Forget the fact that he didn't actually do it, he's being sued by the studio nonetheless.  As if that's not enough, he starts to get mysterious communications--DVDs of surveillance footage of himself in his own home...emails that self-destruct after they've been calls from people with digitally altered voices--all of which are pushing him into actions he knows he shouldn't pursue but can't see any way out of.  They're Watching is a jacked-up paranoid fantasy; the bad guys know things they couldn't possibly know and do things they couldn't possibly--and most certainly shouldn't--do, and it's delicious.  


I've got several already begun, none of which will be spending the next few days with me.  I'm heading out of town--up to San Francisco, where my oldest and dearest friend will be treating me to a Grateful Dead-themed Giants game--and will only be taking purse-sized  mass markets with me.  Here's what I'm taking up north:


Lots of good stuff, but since I'm keeping it short this week (a relatively early plane to catch), here are my favorites:

Ever since I finished Harrison's Make Room! Make Room! I've had an eye out for one of his Stainless Steel Rat books.  Bingo!  Haven't started it yet; probably when I get home early next week.

Somebody got rid of all their Parkers...and now they're mine.


EnriqueFreeque said...

You lucky frog!

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

I'd say "Go Gia%ts," but that would be vulgar. I've always wanted to go to City Lights. Full report please, when you get back.

Greg Zimmerman said...

Sounds like you're a new Hiassen fan, yeah? Good to know. I just posted about the fact that I've never read him, but have always been interested. Glad to see another Hiaasen vote of confidence.