Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reading Roundup


The Art of Deception by Ridley Pearson was for the first three quarters of the book a good thriller, but in the last quarter managed to kick it up into high gear and become a great one.  There is a serial killer at loose in Seattle, and he appears to be accessing Seattle's old Underground to stash his victims.  Meanwhile, detective/shrink Daphne Mathews has problems of her own...which may or may not be related to the case.  Top notch action and excitement!


For fifteen years my mother has been bugging me to read Pat Conroy's Beach Music.  Since she's here, I decided finally to pick it up.  I am not sorry, so far.  Conroy's McCall family is gloriously dysfunctional: there's drunkenness, madness, and suicide, but there's also love (though often grudging) and humor (at times a bit mean-spirited), and it's all told in his gorgeous, lush prose.  This Southern Gothic verges on the purple at times, but Conroy's healthy cynicism and deft touch pulls it back.


None...hey, I've been distracted.


Checked out the new branch of Book Off that opened in the Del Amo mall in Torrance this past week.  Book Off is a Japanese company, and when I've been to other branches of this store I've found that though they had kick-ass manga sections, and seemed to have a pretty extensive selection of Japanese language books, I wasn't terribly impressed otherwise with the selection--having no interest in either manga or Japanese language books--or the pricing.  Perhaps Del Amo is more of a crossroads kind of a mall, perhaps it's just bigger, but I was more impressed with the selection at the new branch.  I picked up a pretty decent first printing of A Prayer For Owen Meany for a buck.  When I have the leisure to shop alone again, I'll scour it a little more closely...

Last week a reader (Tina "The Book Lady," who blogs about books here) suggested that I add a linky so that readers can share their favorite reviews and blog posts of the previous week.  So, without further ado, The Book Frog's newest weekly feature: Rounding Up.  Click on the thumbnail and follow the fairly easy instructions to leave a link to your favorite book review or book-related blog post of the past week.  I'll leave the linky (or is it a Linky?) open until midnight on Friday the 24th.  Be sure to check out everybody's links (and follow's really nice to have followers).

EMENDATION: I think perhaps I wasn't clear above, in that, although you can certainly link to any post you like, I was specifically inviting you to share your own work.  


EnriqueFreeque said...

I like that Linky idea! Is it too tacky to link your own post, though? Not necessarily my fave from the week, but it's a book by an L.A. based, mostly unknown writer, whom I look for every opportunity to "pimp".

Rebecca Glenn said...

Not tacky at all! In fact, that's what I intended...guess I'll have to rework my wording next time around.

Pimp away!

Tina Peterson said...

Hi - I linked up a couple of recent reviews. Could you give us more characters next time for the title of the book? Mine didn't fit & I had to get creative. I'm having a giveaway for Katie Up and Down the Hall and it ends Sunday 9/19 - so be sure to come and sign up, we are giving away 3 copies of this awesome book!