Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reading Roundup


For the first time in I-can't-remember-how-long I didn't actually finish a single book.  But I do have a couple in progress...and I did see quite a few that I want, in the twenty hours or so I spent in the bookstore this week.


Almost finished with Beach Music, and still loving it.  It's a hefty volume, but it reads with ease.  Conroy's McCall family is gloriously dysfunctional: there's drunkenness, madness, and suicide, but there's also love (though often grudging) and humor (at times a bit mean-spirited), and it's all told in his gorgeous, lush prose.  This Southern Gothic verges on the purple at times, but Conroy's healthy cynicism and deft touch pulls it back.

City of the Sun by David Levien is a missing child thriller.   Nice suburban family, good kid disappears while on his paper route one morning, police make no headway, fourteen months later nice family hires tough ex-cop PI to get the job done.  First novel, solidly enough written and plotted.


My favorite acquisition this week is one that was recommended to me by a friend.  The California Roll is a funny, funny story of a grifter looking for that one big scam, the one that will set him up for good...his California Roll.  Had to go to Amazon for this one (but it was still a deal).

It was a good week at the Salvation Army for literary fiction.  Above are pictured my two favorites.  The Ian McEwan is a pristine first printing, and the Tim Pears, while not in very great shape, is signed and dated by the author.  Sweet!


Here's where I try to make it interactive, and--as with the wonderful Follow Fridays that a lot of my fellow book bloggers host--allow us to get to know one another as book bloggers.  
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Jennifer said...

Hi, Dropping by on the hop and follow. new follower.


JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

Years ago my aunt gave me her copy of Pat Conroy's "Beach Music." It is a story, or set of stories, with a depth of human dramas, ambitions and heartbreaks that it stays with the reader for a long time.
Jennifer "Madame" Perry