Thursday, September 30, 2010

WSJ BOOKS Section Everything They Said It Would Be...Sigh

Several weeks ago I learned that The Wall Street Journal would be adding a book review section.  An honest-to-god, pull out section, six pages, devoted only to book reviews.  Wow!  In this age of dwindling newspaper readership and shrinking--nay, in many cases disappearing--book review sections, what heartening news.

The inaugural "Books" section was in the Saturday/Sunday September 25-26, 2010 edition of the WSJ.  As soon as I got to work on Saturday morning I grabbed my copy, fearing that if I didn't snatch it up right away all the crazed book shoppers would buy us out before I had my chance.  On my lunch hour I eagerly opened it up.  

Now, I had read a number of articles delineating in some detail just what the section would entail: long format pieces focusing on new nonfiction titles, with fewer and much shorter reviews of fiction.  And yet, still I was disappointed.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see any publication--especially a major national one--expanding its books coverage.  It was a terrible blow two years ago when the Los Angeles Times all but eliminated their book coverage.  But somehow, despite my foreknowledge of the nonfiction focus, I somehow thought there'd be more fiction coverage.  I wanted to believe.  

There was a nice review of Michael Cunningham's latest, By Nightfall.  And a review of a short story collection by Danielle Evans.  

And that was it.




Brad Jaeger said...

Newspaper? What is this "newspaper"?

Can I get it on my Kindle? :p

Rebecca Glenn said...

Just a minute...I think you can get it on your Kindle.


Bookangel said...

Newspapers are a dying breed, so it is nice hear that some are providing more coverage. Are they interesting? I always think of the WSJ as boring. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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I only buy newspapers when I am job hunting these days.
I have everything else sent to my inbox.

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TheBookGirl said...

That's did get so much hype, thought it would be more than that :(