Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reading Roundup


The California Roll by John Vorhaus is rollicking good fun.  The short version: narrator Radar Hoverlander is a grifter, by nature and by trade. The California Roll is hilariously inventive and so fast-paced your head will spin. Half the time I had absolutely no idea who was playing whom, and just went along for the glorious ride.

City of the Sun by David Levien is a missing child thriller.   The short version: when twelve year old Jamie Gabriel fails to return from his paper route one morning, his family fears the worst.  They're not wrong.  With no leads at all to follow, the police make no headway. Fourteen months later the Gabriels hire P.I. Frank Behr--an ex-cop with family issues of his own in his past--to help them find some closure.  Though somewhat slow moving through its initial chapters, City of the Sun picks up nicely as it moves along.  This first novel is an excellent effort, well-plotted and solidly written.


All right, I admit it.  I'm a little in love with Chief Inspector Gamache.  If  you haven't read any of Louise Penny's delightful Three Pines mysteries, you really should.  They are smart and atmospheric.

Here's my review of The Brutal Telling, Louise Penny's previous Three Pines mystery.


 Buy one, get one free on the blue-stickered remainders at Borders.  I'm just sayin'...

Paid full price (less my generous discount) for this one.  It's so difficult to stick to your cheap-books-only guns when you're around them all day every day.  And books about of my favorite genres.

But this is what makes it all worth while.  Standing at the registers, ringing up all the happy book shoppers' purchases, when who should call my name but author escort extraordinaire Ken Wilson, with Joanne Fluke in tow.  An inscribed book and a bag of chocolate chip cookies later, I knew I was home.


Here's where I try to make it interactive, and--as with the wonderful Follow Fridays that a lot of my fellow book bloggers host--allow us to get to know one another as book bloggers.

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