Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reading Roundup


Louise Penny's fifth Chief Inspector Gamache mystery is dark and complex. There are two major plot lines.  The first follows Chief Inspector Gamache, who, while spending time in Quebec City to recuperate from a case gone terribly wrong, is asked by city police to help solve a murder. Since Olivier's conviction for the murder of the hermit (see The Brutal Telling, Louise Penny's previous Three Pines mystery: here's my review), his partner Gabri has written a letter every day to Gamache, relating news of Three Pines but always asking a single question: "Why would Olivier move the body?" Gamache asks Inspector Beauvoir--himself recuperating from the events of several months previous--to go to Three Pines and reopen the investigation; this second plot line runs parallel to the first. Interspersed with them is the story of the mission that went wrong.  Although I have some quibbles with the structure (at times the parallels between the two narratives are rather too pat) and the writing (repetitions of dialog and description that seemed to serve no artistic end), the beauty of the story and the intense humanity of the characters--particularly the gorgeous Chief Inspector Gamache--more than made up for these minor technical issues.  If you haven't read Louise Penny, you should.


Hard-boiled fiction with a supernatural bent.  P.I. Jimmy Miles--who's kind of alive and kind of not--plies his trade in Los Angeles.  Mysterious, atmospheric, occasionally funny.


My finest acquisition of the week, a first printing of Ragtime.  Although my copy's not in pristine condition (a little wear to the dustjacket), I've seen it listed on Alibris for upwards of two grand...I picked it up in a fifteen for five bucks batch at the Salvation Army.  What a coup!

The blue-stickered remainders at Borders--at least at my Borders--have gone to a buck.  Who could resist?   I've found thirteen of the little devils so far....Here's just a small sample of them.


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