Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reading Roundup

Madeline Dare is a recovering debutante who hails from Oyster Bay, Long Island but grew up everywhere.  She now lives in Syracuse, New York, the just-good-folks down home antithesis of Oyster Bay, and the only things that make it bearable for her are her husband Dean  and her job as a reporter at the local free newspaper. A decades old murder with apparent connections to her family draws her into an investigation and presto! A Field of Darkness becomes what author Cornelia Read calls WASP Noir.  Gorgeous and clever, this is a truly impressive first novel.  Read the review here.


My first Alexander McCall Smith. I'm in love. Philospher Isabel Dalhousie is a truly good soul who--despite the occasional uncharitable thought, which she always quickly analyzes and just as quickly banishes--wants only to do good and help others. A setting and story that could rapidly have become cloying and maudlin avoided these pitfalls and was, instead, gentle, thoughtful, and sweetly funny. My first McCall Smith will surely not be my last. 

It's always night in Jimmy Miles' L.A. Well, not really, but that's the atmosphere created by Dan Vining in The Quick, the first of his supernatural thrillers featuring the kind-of-alive-but-kind-of-dead PI. While not as captivating as its synopsis led me to believe it would be, still, this book has something...though I'm not exactly sure what. 


I remember when I first started in the bookstore, more than sixteen years ago, we carried all the novels of the great crime write (and wife of fellow writer Ross Macdonald) Margaret Millar. Now, we carry none, and that's simply too bad, for Mrs. Millar is a truly wonderful writer.

Published in 1976, Ask For Me Tomorrow is Margaret Millar's twenty-second novel. The setting is utterly of its time, but the writing and brilliantly snappy dialog could only come from a writer who came up in the forties. Which is not to say that it's dated; not at all.  But it's got an elegance not often pulled exhibited by novelists from the sixties or so on.


More dollar books.  More freebies.  

But it was more about the reading than the acquiring this week.

  I think that's a good thing.

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EnriqueFreeque said...

Just read a good review in the Times this morning of Bound. I recently read Antonya Nelson's novel, Living to Tell and, I won't say liked it a lot, but admired a lot her ability to make me dislike intensely just about every character in that dysfunctional family set up. She nails the dark side of characters like few others. I recommend her short stories highly as well.

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Thanks for visiting me today. I am following you as well and will head over to facebook in a sec. Enjoy your Sunday

Laura Ashlee said...

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