Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reading Roundup

I remember when I first started in the bookstore, more than sixteen years ago, we carried all the novels of the great crime writer (and wife of fellow writer Ross Macdonald) Margaret Millar. Now, we carry none, and that's simply too bad, for Mrs. Millar is a truly wonderful writer.

Published in 1976, Ask For Me Tomorrow is Margaret Millar's twenty-second novel. The setting is utterly of its time, but the writing and brilliantly snappy dialog could only come from a writer who came up in the forties. Which is not to say that it's dated; not at all.  But it's got an elegance not often exhibited by novelists from the sixties or so on. My review is here.

As The Reversal opens, career defense lawyer--and half brother of good cop Harry Bosch--Mickey Haller is asked by the DA's office to be head prosecutor on a high profile case. A child killer's conviction has been overturned on the basis of DNA evidence. He has not been found innocent, but since his conviction hinged on the evidence as it was interpreted at his original trial he's now free. Haller insists on a dream prosecution team consisting of his ex-wife as second counsel and Harry Bosch as the prosecution's investigator. Some reviewers I've read have said that this is a lackluster effort, and that Connelly should not have published two books in a year.  I found it to be a typically terrific effort from him.

Bernie Rhodenbarr is a Greenwich Village rare books dealer by day (bookstore complete with lazy cat) and a thief by night. In this installment of the popular series a beautiful and mysterious foreigner walks into Bernie's store...he's captivated, ensnared, and quickly caught up in a convoluted--albeit pretty darned funny--caper.


Two works of vintage crime fiction, each with a first person narrator who does things his way and makes plenty of enemies as he goes.


I found a gorgeous signed first edition of this National Book Award winner.

Another lovely signed first, from the author of the beloved Rumpole books (though this is not one of them).

Hey, it's Timothy Leary. And it's sparkly (the cover image above doesn't nearly do it justice). And his co-author is R. U. Sirius.

A new Reacher--yay! Can't wait to sink my teeth into this one.
An ARC of the new novel by the author of The Dead Fathers Club, which I reviewed a few months ago. This one's a vampire tale.


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Tina Peterson said...

Hi! Thanks for posting your linky. I've had a hard time finding Bk Review and Giveaway linkies and so I put my own up on my blog. It's on the Weekend and you are welcome to post on it if you'd like. It's for family friendly books.

Tina "The Book Lady"

bookdout said...

Some great books there - thanks!

EnriqueFreeque said...

I'm salivating over all these signed firsts you routinely acquire. Yeah, I'm jealous.

Rebecca Glenn said...

EF--thanks for linking!

I think all the rich folk up on the hill in Palos Verdes must donate their unwanted books to my Salvation Army.

Kind of sad, when you think about it. Um, for them, not me.