Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dropping Like Flies

Last week, or maybe the week before that, I heard the news that Borders would be closing its location in Westwood in January of next year. This news made me sad, because not only do I not like to hear of any retailers closing stores, but a bookstore--my bookstore--closing up shop is worst of all. And now that I'm back in the fold, it makes me even more sad...and a little afraid.

Today I read the news that in January the company will be closing its store on State Street in Santa Barbara as well.

Two years ago my beloved store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, the store at which I spent nearly five (admittedly often hellish) years of my life, closed.

Where next?

Go out and buy some books, people! You really don't want an electronic book reader. You want honest-to-god paper and ink books. They're easier on the eyes, the heft in the hand is satisfying, and they look great on the shelf. And anyway, how are your friends going to know how well read you are if all your books are virtual?


Music4Betty said...

This makes me sad :(

Caroline, the Bookworm said...

Aww, I love Borders.
Those eReaders freak me out. I couldn't live without waking up every morning to my bookshelves fll of real books.

Jon said...

It's sad to see bookstores closing, but can you really attribute it to the e-books? I think it's more a symptom of a) the crappy economy and b) most people just don't read, unless they have to - for school, for work, etc.

Rebecca Glenn said...

Nah, I don't attribute it just to e-books. But they sure are the latest symptom. And unfortunately, it seems that my company is building the coffin for its bricks and mortar stores with its own corporate hands, by pushing the e-readers, as well as by adding entirely un-book-related product lines to the dotcom store, product lines such as posters and art and craft supplies.

Each piece just makes it that much harder for us in the stores.


So I tell myself that I was really just helping to keep my bookstore in business when I dropped a big wad of cash on the fat new Autobiography of Mark Twain that just came out.

Marce said...

I love Borders and I am very sad by this BUT I LOVE MY KINDLE :-0

I always go into a bookstore when on vacation (I don't live in the US) and buy a book I just have to have in hardback.

Erica R Hopper said...

I just put in my two weeks for the Borders I work at. All of the Borders/Waldenbooks in my county have been closed and now there are only two Borders and two B&N's that are 2 hrs apart. They're very few and far between. Borders is truly on the brink of bankruptcy so... I'm not entirely surprised by the close. Although it's still sad whenever a book store closes. =\ I don't want to switch to ebooks just yet (Plus I don't have the funds for an ereader)