Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reading Roundup

A very busy bookselling week was a very slow reading week. Well, at least the week involved books.

The only book I actually finished. Not as compelling as the epic narratives that comprise the Dresden Files novels, still, the stories in this collection mostly satisfied. The only two that didn't quite ring true were the two that were narrated by usually secondary characters Karrin Murphy ("Aftermath") and Thomas Raith ("Backup"). The stories themselves were fine, and each did its part to further the overall narrative of the series and fill in gaps between the novels. However, each was--as all of the novels are--a first person narrative. And although Butcher is a terrific writer, and Harry Dresden's narrative voice is pitch perfect, he's apparently not quite accomplished enough to create distinctive and engaging voices for these two very important characters; their stories would have been much better served by third person narratives. Still, I'm fired up for Ghost Story, which is due in March of next year.


From Margaret Millar, a chilling psychological thriller. Threatening phone calls lead to deaths all over L.A. Introverted heiress and her family are the key. 

Eric Nylund's Mortal Coils is also California-set, but this one is an urban fantasy about siblings Fiona and Elliot Post and their crazy extended families. Crazy powerful, that is; their mother was a goddess, their father a fallen angel. 

What kept me so busy (and so tired) this week? Big new releases, for one thing.

As I predicted earlier in the week, the Wimpy Kid's sales far outpaced anybody else's; 375,000 on its first day of release alone, compared to the far smaller--though still respectable--220,000 pieces moved by the former president (20% of which were virtual books). How does this keep a bookseller moving? Gotta keep putting those books on tables, guys.

And today our store was visited by Baba Booey himself, Gary Dell'Abate. Visiting Gary were legions of rowdy fans, some of whom were waiting at the door when the opening crew arrived at 8:00 a.m. (two hours before the store was to open). Between selling the books and herding the crowds, a bookseller's little feet were throbbing by the end of her day.

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Kristina said...

I love the Dresden books, but haven't read the most current one yet. Everyone says there is a big cliffhanger so I'm trying to wait until the next comes out to read it.

Rebecca Glenn said...

Kristina, the cliffhanger that ends Changes is a real doozy. My jaw quite literally dropped as I realized what was happening. And Ghost Story doesn't come out until March...argh.

Brent and Greg, thanks so much for linking up. I've never read Carol Goodman (though, of course, I've seen and shelved her books a million times). Now she's on my radar. And--as I commented over on your blog--your 5 sins of book reviewers are right on target, Greg. I cringed in self recognition.

Hope you'll both link up again next weekend!

Kathy Martin said...

Thanks for you thoughts on Side Jobs. I love the Dresden books but was hesitant about this one because it was short stories. I will probably get it someday but I don't think I need to rush right out for a copy. Happy reading!

Barb said...

I'm taking note of your choices....they certainly look interesting! I've posted the review that attracted the most attention this week. I also posted a review for Second Chances by Lauren Dane that got re-tweeted by the author and the publisher - something that has never happened before. All in all a stellar week! I also thoroughly enjoyed Greg's post this week. It hit a bit too close :) I kept it in the back of my mind as I wrote this week. (and had me laughing out loud as I was surfing through Amazon reviews) Hope everyone had a great week!