Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reading Roundup


A Harry Bosch, though not Michael Connelly's finest effort. Still, Connelly on a bad day is better than most thriller writers at their best. In Lost Light Bosch, recently retired from the LAPD and going out of his gourd with boredom, is asked by an old PD acquaintance to reopen a cold murder case. There are, of course, wheels within wheels, and nothing is as it seems. Bosch solves the crime, and in the process uncovers a devastating piece of personal information.

High powered corporate attorney Joel Deveraux is fired from his position at a leading firm when he is implicated in the death by overdose of a young paralegal. He reinvents himself as a public defender, and is quickly drawn into a case that has it all: a young inner city man falsely accused of murder, drugs, and most of all, Joel's own past. A top-notch debut thriller.


Don Winslow picks up Trevanian's mantle and runs with it. Satori, due out in March of next year, is the officially sanctioned prequel to Trevanian's classic novel of Cold War espionage and assassination, Shibumi. I'm embarrassed to admit (particularly as a self-proclaimed voracious reader of mysteries and thrillers) that I haven't read the original (tho' I've a copy on order). I can tell you, however, that Don Winslow's take is glorious--deep, juicy, well-plotted, exciting.

Book two of the Mortal Coils series, a YA level urban fantasy that follows the adventures of siblings Elliot and Fiona Post. In the first book, Mortal Coils, they learned their mother's tightly kept secret: that she is one of the three Fates and their father none other than Lucifer himself, the Prince of Darkness. In this book, in addition to having to come to terms with their immortal heritage the twins must deal with the biggest challenge of their young lives: school. It's not great. But hey, I pull it off the shelf and read fifty pages during my worktime lunches, and it's good enough for that.


Gee it was a good week for acquiring books. Library sale at the beginning of the week, library sale at the end, and a couple of odds and ends in between.

My favorite acquisition of the week was this beautiful first edition of one of my favorite books of all time, Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin. If you haven't read this one, you should. It's a tale that spans a thousand years. It's got a flying horse and an endless winter, and my favorite portrayal of New York as a character ever.

This one I paid rather more for; I thought I'd be reading it for an online book discussion group...but they went with another title. Good thing I have an excellent employee discount, eh?

Another favorite library sale find.  You know how I love my Robert Campbell.

Various and sundry other finds.

And, just to show you that sometimes honest-to-goodness serious nonfiction finds its way through our doors:

Needless to say, Pete brought this one home.

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