Thursday, December 16, 2010

What They're Buying: Biographies and Memoirs and Cookbooks

Here's what's hot this holiday season. Not necessarily what's good, mind you (although all signs point to some of it being very good indeed), but rather, what people are clamoring for.

Biographies and memoirs are particularly big this year. 

Autobiographies that are worlds apart from two beloved icons. Keith Richards, the rocker, the closet librarian, the ex-junkie, the survivor, and Mark Twain, legendary wit, curmudgeon, literary father of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer: each the author of an autobiography that people can't seem to get enough of. 

These biographies are of two American heroes from different eras. Lauren Hillenbrand's Unbroken tells of Louis Zamperini's ordeal after being shot down over the Pacific during World War II, while Edmund Morris's Colonel Roosevelt, the third installment in his epic biography of TR, tells of the former president's final years.

The lives of two leaders, probably more different from one another than Richards and Twain.

 And there are a bunch of biographies and memoirs that, while not causing people to race into the store and elbow others aside to get, are interesting and well-reviewed.

It's also a good year for cookbooks.

Big, fat, general cookbooks from some reliable sources.

  And cookbooks from TV personalities (chefs and otherwise).


Cookbooks full of sweet treats and delectable goodies are pretty big this year, too. (Bon Appetit Desserts also qualifies as a big, fat cookbook.)

Tomorrow, what's tickling people's funny bones.

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EnriqueFreeque said...

So is Dickens flying off the shelves more than he would otherwise now that he's been given the nod by Oprah?

I do like seeing that Dickens & Dostoyevski even always remain super stocked this time of the year.