Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Release Tuesday

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Ah, publishers are finally back at it. There's an interesting crop of new releases today, running the gamut from self help to young adult to science fiction. Throw in some spicy mysteries, some mainstream fiction, and we've got ourselves a veritable book soup.

Let's start with the self help. 

On the one hand, we have Fox TV personality and extreme right pundit Glenn Beck teaming up with pop psychologist (and writer of forensic thrillers) Keith Ablow to bestow upon us knowledge of The 7 Wonders That Will Change Your Life.

And on the other hand, hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons shares with us his "guide to having it all," Super Rich.

In the world of mysteries, there are entries from tried and true authors Jack Higgins and John Lescroart, as well as one from first-time author Erin Kelly. Though I've never read the extremely prolific Jack Higgins, I'm certainly looking forward to John Lescroart's Damage; Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitzky are one of the best mismatched lawyer/cop teams out there.

Multiple award winner Greg Bear delves into the world of series science fiction with his new Halo Forerunner novel, Cryptum. Don't know what it will be like, have no intention of reading it, but somebody thinks we're going to sell the heck out of it...we got about a million copies in the store. From another multiple award winner, Orson Scott Card, comes an urban fantasy of gods based on Norse mythology, which Fantasy Book Critic blog says, "...I’m not sure Orson Scott Card’s The Lost Gate has what it takes to become another classic like Ender’s Game. That said, The Lost Gate is without question a fun and entertaining journey that readers will definitely want to continue." And finally, a tale of the Nightside from Simon R. Green. Urban fantasy meets noir, given 9 out of 10 stars by Whatchamacallit Reviews blog. Whatchamacallit says, "...overall I very much enjoyed A Hard Day’s Knight, and I can’t wait for the next book in this revitalized series."

It's an exciting day for lovers of YA literature. Mother/daughter team P.C. and Kristin Cast publish the eighth volume in their sexy supernatural House of Night series. And James Frey (in collaboration with author Jobie Hughes, writing together under the pen name Pittacus Lore) continues his rehabilitation with the release of the movie tie-in edition of his dystopian YA novel, I Am Number Four which, a la The Hunger Games pits teens (although in this case they are super powered aliens in teenage human bodies) against forces trying to kill them. I'm enjoying it so far.

Finally, book club ready titles from Kim Edwards (The Memory Keeper's Daughter) and Lisa Genova (Still Alice). Let the discussions begin!

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