Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Release Tuesday

Daniel Palmer follows in father Michael's footsteps with this medical thriller. Book blog Rundpinne says it is a "fast-paced emotional and psychological thriller that does not disappoint," while The Mystery Gazette calls it "a super psychological thriller that enables the reader to get inside the apparent sick mind of a brilliant technician who fears he has become as Delirious as his family and ergo a dangerous threat to others." 

Tick Tock, just like clockwork James Patterson rolls another one off the assembly line. I'm not a fan, but here's what one fan, Nancy Eaton, says: "I never read a James Patterson book I did not like." 

Finally, the headline to Lisa Watts's review of Tim Dorsey's latest Serge Storm thriller, Electric Barracuda on Fresh Fiction reads:  "A Comedic Mystery with Offbeat Humor that Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud" (although she does caution that it's not for the faint of heart).


Yes, these nonfiction titles are all over the place. And yes, as a bookseller I feel a childish sense of glee lumping them together under one heading. And no, I have nothing to say about any of them, except that Tabatha Coffey has got to be the scariest woman I've ever seen.



First, a mildly scandalous, anonymously written, novel that may or may not be by an insider of the Obama administration. Tim Rutten in the L.A. Times calls it dispiriting and irritating, and says that O: A Presidential Novel is "less an addition to the rich fictional literature of American politics than an exercise in the genuinely cynical business of marketing and publishing." Basically, what everybody seems to be saying is that it's no Primary Colors.

Let the man be, why doncha? If he'd've wanted to publish them while he was alive, he would have. I'm just saying.

 Yes, that Wynonna Judd.

 When I was growing up there were Madeline girls and there were Eloise girls. I was a Madeline girl. I'm not sure how I feel about Ludwig Bemelmans' grandson publishing a book about my girl. 

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Brooke Reviews said...

OMG, I LOVE Tabatha Coffey. She's such a badass, and the woman knows how to work a pair of stilettos. I can only wish to be like her one day. haha