Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reading Roundup


 Left Neglected is the story of a young woman who must rebuild her life and, to all intents and purposes, herself, after a car accident leaves her with a traumatic brain injury. Although the story has the potential to turn into a movie-of-the-week melodrama, it's saved from that fate by author Lisa Genova's smart, wry, self-deprecatingly humorous narrator. You can read the review here.

Absurdistan is a funny, sometimes antic, story set in a war-torn little country just trying to make a buck and get by in the post-Soviet twenty-first century world. Its hero, Misha Vainberg, is a 325 pound Russian Jew with a love of all things American. Read the review here, if you're so inclined.

 Shibumi--sort of a, kind of a spy story--features one of the greatest characters ever. Nicholai Hel, retired assassin, is master of nearly everything he does, from the classic Japanese game of strategy, Go, to love, to killing. This smart and funny novel is a one-of-a-kind classic, which should be read by devotees of all genres of fiction. I reviewed it here.

And finally, The Devotion of Suspect X, a thoroughly modern mystery which harks back to mysteries of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. With some judicious recommending on the part of booksellers, this could be Keigo Higashino's breakout novel in the United States. Read the review here.


I have too many books going at the same time. These are the two I am most actively reading. We'll see about getting to the others when these are finished.


 Alas! My run of incredibly cheap books at the Salvation Army has come to an end. After six or eight months of no book costing more than fifty cents, they've gone back to their standard pricing. Too rich for my blood. So, to salve the loss, I made a pitstop at my library's sale cart on Thursday and got these. I'm quite happy with the Margaret Millar, as she's one of my new favorite writers of suspense.

What did you read this week? Write any reviews or articles you're particularly proud of? Share the love and link them up here.


Kimberly said...

You've really got some interesting titles here! Thank you so much for hosting this hop. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone's been reading!

Marce said...

I have Weird Sisters on my Wishlist and any day left Neglected should be coming, I preordered but outside of the US, can't wait to read it, Still Alice is an all time favourite.

I linked my review of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and I am also having a rename contest :-)

~Rachée said...

I posted link to the week;y review I do for children's books. Thanks for the opp and book suggestions