Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reading Roundup


 The Weird Sisters is the charming, quirky story of three sisters and their return home to a family whose collective song--whether they like it or not--is that of the immortal bard. Rosalind, Bianca, and Cordelia converge on the familial home ostensibly to help nurse their mother through her breast cancer, but really to figure out what's going on in their own lives. Read the review.
Patti Smith's account of her time in New York with friend and soulmate Robert Mapplethorpe. Her story is sweetly nostalgic and utterly heart-breaking. (And oh! those photographs.) Read the review.


Will the prolific Liza Marklund be the next big thing from the frigid North? She's already an international bestseller, and The Postcard Killers, her collaboration with James Patterson last year, hit the NYT bestseller list, making her the second Swedish author (after the late but still mega Stieg Larsson) to do so. Red Wolf comes out next month, so we'll see then. I'm about halfway through it and am finding it satisfyingly dark and disturbing (and very, very cold).
New Year's resolutions, here I come. Earlier this week I read Patti Smith's memoir, and today I started another nonfiction book. You're right, it's no small coincidence that they're both short, extremely accessible titles. Hey, nothing wrong with baby steps.


Somebody donated some gorgeous literary biographies to Friends of the Library, and now they're mine.
Adding to my Lawrence Sanders collection. So far I've read only the one, but some day I'll get to all the rest of them.

So, what did you read this week? What are you reading right now? Any great acquisitions? And how about those blog posts...anything you want to share with us? I hope so! Link up your best or favorite book-related blog post of the last week or so below.


EnriqueFreeque said...

Nice Dylan Thomas bio acquisition. Green with envy! Our acquisitions, you asked? Well, today I grabbed a first printing of Get Shorty in excellent-to-mint condition, for a buck. Haven't checked if it has any value. Lots of Elmore Leonard fanatics, though. And what's the Chino PL doing giving away Mario Vargas Llosa's, The War of the End of the World for FREE? Granted, bit battered of a reading copy ... but still.

Rebecca Glenn said...

I love Elmore Leonard! I haven't read very many of his titles, but have never been disappointed (and always have been impressed with the caliber of the writing). And Get Shorty is fu-uh-ny.

Maybe the library got a new copy of the Vargas Llosa when he won the big one?

I stopped by the Salvation Army on a whim today, and they're doing hardcovers 5/5 bucks. So I got 5, including a cool Philip Jose Farmer with a lurid cover.