Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reading Roundup


Joshua Ferris' sophomore effort is a beautiful and haunting story of love and loyalty tested, of loss, of life. It is a novel which frequently elicits strong emotions--many have hated it...I loved it. Read the review here. (And you should also read his first novel, Then We Came To the End, also brilliant, but far, far funnier. I reviewed it last year.)

Apparently, The Three Weissmans of Westport is an homage to Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. I don't know my Austen, but I do know a wonderful, funny, and touching novel when I read one. Cathleen Schine, always a favorite--why is her readership so limited?--has produced a wonderful domestic comedy.



Yay! The Salvation Army has reinstated super-low book pricing! Five books for five bucks; we have five winners.

Dog loves books--he loves the way they look and smell and feel. Dog loves books so much that he opens a bookstore. But when no customers come, Dog reads the books, too...and now he loves them even more.

I am dog.

What happened in your bookish life this week? Any book-related posts of which you're particularly proud? Why not link them up here, and spread the love?


EnriqueFreeque said...

Great week for you Becky!

Great reviews. Great acquisitions. I read that first Philip Jose Farmer book that initiates the Riverworld saga some time ago, and remember enjoying it. Had a No Exit feel to it in the beginning, I recall, that is, No Exit w/a good healthy dose of humour.

Rebecca Glenn said...

I'm still in process of deciding whether to go in and dive into the Riverworld saga with this book (it's something like the 5th or so) or go to the first one. He does have a little catch up appendix for those who just want to dive in...