Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Writers Without...


Andrew Shaffer--writer, founder of the greeting card company Order of St. Nick (specializing in alternative and edgy humorous cards), and tweeter extraordinaire--wants to save my livelihood. In a press release on January 3rd Shaffer announced plans for a charity anthology to be published by Order of St. Nick's publishing imprint, EvilReads. The charity in question? Borders!

The submission guidelines ask for short pieces (the shorter the better) of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry containing a Borders bookstore. That's it. In the event that there is no Borders to donate to (or if Borders refuses the largesse), proceeds will go to RIF (Reading is Fundamental).

Any of you writer type guys want to help a girl keep her job?


EnriqueFreeque said...

I will be so disappointed if Borders goes under. I've read the last two pieces, today's and yesterday's, in Shelf Awareness, regarding Borders' slide into deeper debt and near insolvency, and I can't help becoming a tad depressed if indeed these reports are as dire as the Borders' stock prices would seem to corroborate. Is it really that bad, Becky? Can't they pull a rabbit out of their hats or something?

Beyond words, how depressing it will be should your company fold.

Didn't you love reading how B&N is upset if Borders gets any special treatment, payment-wise, from their vendors?

F-you, Barnes. That's all I've got to say.

Rebecca Glenn said...

It is indeed depressing--and scary, both at a personal (obviously) level, but at a higher and wider level, as well. That's an awful lot of bookstores that would go missing if Borders closed down.

I don't think there are any rabbits left in the hat. Maybe a couple of stuffed ones, missing an ear or an eye or a tail...

And yeah, f-you B&N. (Though it was probably a pro forma thing that they said that...if Borders were on the side B&N is on, they'd probably be making the exact same statement).