Saturday, March 19, 2011

News From the Liquidation Front

I talked to Padric yesterday. You might not be not lucky enough to know him, but Padric is my friend and colleague, and probably the best bookseller I've ever known. Not only does he have exquisite taste in books, he can find a recommendation for any customer's specific needs, and they always buy. 

Padric is also one of the last men standing at his store, which is--as are 199 others--in the last days of liquidation. His general manager, lucky fellow, has already found another job and given notice. When he goes Padric will be it. 

Like the other 199 liquidating stores, Padric's store has been selling the fixtures for the last week or so. Library carts and v-carts, comfy chairs and straight chairs, bookcases, tables; pretty much anything that isn't bolted to the floor or designated for transfer to another store is fair game.

Padric told me, "I feel like Meryl Streep at the end of Out of Africa, when she's selling off the furniture from the estate." He then declaimed, doing his best Meryl, "I had a bookstore in Century City, at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains."

I laughed, a lot, because it was funny. Later I cried, because it was so fucking sad.


EnriqueFreeque said...

Well said, Becky. That last line especially.

Sabrina said...

I feel bad that so many of these stores are liquidating. I do hope that your friend Padric can find another job - and quickly. He sounds like a dedicated worker that would be an asset anywhere he went.

TheBookGirl said...

What a shame. Padric sounds like a wonderful person to work with and know...hope he finds something else soon.