Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Look

Just a little over two months ago, as the liquidation of Pete's store was winding to a close, we had an opportunity and a dilemma. We could have as many of the unsold fixtures, tables, carts, and other sundries that we wanted. But we'd have to uninstall them, move them, and find a place to store them. Enter the landlord, who helped us find a crew to uninstall the fixtures (a more complex proposition for those affixed to the wall than you might think) and help us move them to the new space. Dear landlord also allowed us to store our fixtures (enough, I might add, to fixture a space twice the size of what we ended up with...sigh) for a fairly nominal fee.

Here's the space from the front looking back.

And here it is from the back, looking toward the front.

And one more, looking up (we're quite fond of the unfinished ceiling, although all the conduit does need to be properly wrapped and painted).

Now here it is with the first couple of trip's worth of fixtures in it.

The entire space is now filled with fixtures. We're kind of freaking out about what to do with them while painting and carpeting is happening.

Now we just need to get the money in the bank and the lease signed. Oh yes, then 2700 square feet worth of books ordered and on the shelves..but that's the fun part (and the part we're comfortable with).


Best O' Books said...

Oooh,buying tons of books--the most awesome part of the joob! Good luck with this endeavor, Rae

Marie said...

How exciting! I'll be watching!

Cat said...

This is pretty exciting! Can't wait to see the finished project. Bet you can't, either.

Rebecca Glenn said...

We can't wait...but we have to. Argh, this stuff moves so slowly.