Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reading Roundup, 18 June 2011

  • I remember so well watching BBC's I, Claudius mini-series (via Masterpiece Theater on our local PBS station) in 1976. My parents and I watched it together every Sunday night for thirteen weeks; on Monday my English teacher would lead the class in a lively (and exquisitely detailed) discussion/recap. I read both of Robert Graves's books, I, Claudius and Claudius the God, and found them to be just as juicy as the TV show. How excited was I, then, to read that is reporting that HBO has teamed with BBC2 to do it again. Can't wait!
  • The owls are gathering to make an announcement at What could it be? Yet another thing I can't wait for.
BOOK FROG'S REVIEWS, by J. Courtney Sullivan, is the perfect smart girl's beach read this summer. It's a nicely written family melodrama about a particularly dysfunctional Boston Irish family, told from the points of view alternatively of the family's 83 year old matriarch, her daughter, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law. None of them particularly likes any of the others, and when they finally get together--200 or so pages in--the snarkiness really kicks into high gear. Read the full review of this satisfying saga here.

Agatha Christie's first Miss Marple (and my first as well) is Murder at the Vicarage. Why do I always underestimate Dame Agatha? This book is sophisticated and witty, and Miss Marple is far more acerbic than I expected. Perhaps I shouldn't wait a full year before reading another Christie...

Very Bad Men is Harry Dolan's follow-up to Bad Things Happen, and--so far--it's just as clever and entertaining.


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Man of la Book said...

My post on "Go the F**k to Sleep" recieved some good feedback

Thanks Becky.

Man of la Book said...

My post on "Go the F**k to Sleep received some good feedback.

EnriqueFreeque said...

I enjoyed hearing about your Sunday nights in '76 with Mum & Dad watching the BBCs I, Claudius. Never saw that one, but like you am looking forward to the new production.

Linked another, much older, review just now ... ''Salem's Lot.

Rebecca Glenn said...

Oh, you should really find the original production of I, Claudius and watch it. Derek Jacobi is a revelation as Claudius, and the great performances in general pile up. Patrick Stewart has a very small role, you've got John Hurt as Caligula...and the writing's really good, too.