Saturday, July 23, 2011

Liquidation Diary: The Picture Edition

Yesterday, as you know, was the first day of liquidation sales at Borders stores. Busiest day I've ever worked in any Borders in any season. We did half again as much as the highest volume sales day I've ever worked.

I wonder if all the signs helped.
There were so many signs.

Was it the signs that inspired people to pick us as clean as a corpse in the desert? Because I don't think it was the discounts...yet. Whatever it was, I assure you that those tables were full--and beautiful--when we opened.

What in the world would cause people to make such a mess, do you suppose?

 No, seriously, I really want to know.

The above two photos probably don't mean anything to you unless you're familiar with a warehouse full of abandoned product, pulled from shelves, tables, chairs, the floor--anywhere customers abandoned it--and brought back to sort and reshelve. Every single one of those carts was empty thirteen hours earlier. Some of those books are probably waiting to be shelved still.

And here's the front of store full again, ready to open the doors to the madding crowd.

Since it was my sixth day, I got to leave at noon. Wonder what it will look like when I return at seven o'clock Monday morning?


Silsbee said...

Wow. It's like wolves ran through! What a mess. And where were they when the stores needed them to stay open? :(

Jaq said...

Come on... what about the people at Santa Monica who offered to pee on the carpet when they were told we didn't have public restrooms?

Nothing like retail to create disdain for the general public

Rebecca Glenn said...

Santa Monica was the best!