Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Liquidation Diary: There Is No Borders, Only Zuul

Tuesday is new release day. It's a big deal for readers, for authors, for publishers. For booksellers new release Tuesday is more than a big deal; it's the day on which our week hinges. Sales are way, way bigger on weekends, of course, but Tuesday sets the table for that weekend sales feast. It's a day of racing to beat the clock to get everything out and nicely placed, but it's also like Christmas. Every week, something new. Something different. Something you've been waiting for. Something you've never heard of but upon seeing it absolutely have to read. 

This week Tuesday was indeed like Christmas, but a dysfunctional Christmas, in a family that doesn't particularly like each other and so has no rituals, no niceties appropriate to the occasion. There are presents, yes--boxes and boxes of new Jim Butcher and Brad Thor, of paperbacks by Karen Russell and Jeffrey Deaver and J.D. Robb. But nobody cares where they're placed, or how, as long as they have big red and yellow "You Pay" signs next to them.

But this bookseller will enjoy it while she's got it; next Tuesday there will likely be no Christmas, as no new books are being bought for Borders. There is no Borders anymore, only Hilco.



EnriqueFreeque said...

I hope and trust you'll be as subversive as possible in keeping with the spirit of bookselling (even if its dysfunctional bookselling) alive in your store.

Btw, Gatsby's is having it's one year anniversary bash this Sat. Buy two, get one free. Live kid's band, authors, etc....

Sara said...

Love this title!!