Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liquidation Diary: Trustee Blues

Today was changeout day. The day that the discounts go down (or do they go up? well, you know what I mean--the deals get better). We had to change out dozens of tacky signs, reflecting new the new discounts and, in the case of "You Pays," new price points as well. There were signs on top of cases and signs on endcaps. There were "You Pays" all over the store, from front to back. There were signs the changing of which required precarious perching atop very tall ladders.

Last Friday we had to hang all the signs from scratch. It took us all day and looked really crappy. I was placed in charge of the sign group today, and it was frightening how smoothly it went. It went smoothly and it looked...well, it looked really awesome.

Damn. I'm not supposed to enjoy or be proud of any part of this process. 

I really am a trustee.

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