Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Release Tuesday, 19 July 2011 (a day late)

This week brings us several installments in long-running and very popular series and one based on Milton's Paradise Lost which looks to lasso the Da Vinci Code crowd.

Can you believe that Split Second is Catherine Coulter's 19th FBI novel? Wow! I haven't read any of them, but they're pretty popular...and that certainly demonstrates some staying power.

Eric Van Lustbader continues Robert Ludlum's Bourne series with The Bourne Dominion, the 9th Bourne novel and his...5th? 6th? More than Ludlum himself wrote, at any rate.

Daniel Silva's Portrait of a Spy is the 11th featuring Gabriel Allon, art restorer and Israeli spy. I haven't read any, but Padric--who, as you know, has exquisite taste in books--loves them.

And then there's Robert Browne. He'll be shelved right next to Dan Brown, won't he? And look at that cover. It even looks like  the Da Vinci Code. Reviewers on the blogosphere seem to be liking The Paradise Prophecy, though, so I bet it will be a hit. The Booklover blog gave it five hearts and says "If you like Dan Brown’s novels, Angelology, or Javier Sierra’s novels, then pick up a copy of The Paradise Prophecy next month.  You won’t be sorry."

The latest fiction from Anne Rivers Siddons, Burnt Mountain tells the story of a nice Southern lady, love, and betrayal.

So, I had this post partially prepared on Sunday (getting a jump on it, doncha know). I was going to finish is on Monday to post yesterday. But then Monday came along, and well, other things were on my mind. Sorry it kind of trickles off. New Release Tuesday will probably resume at full force in a few weeks.

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EnriqueFreeque said...

Finding Everett Rues will be a fascinating read. I'll probably wait for pb, but that's a story even not mountain climbing/outdoor adventuring people should enjoy, a la Jon Krakauer.