Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

This process, this negotiation, the whole back and forth, will-we-won't-we, can-we-can't-we, this dance of desire and uncertainty, may very well be the most stressful undertaking of my life. It's more stressful, albeit in a more joyful sort of way--no, really--than managing a Borders under the tyrannical reign of Ron Marshall and his evil minions. It's more stressful than applying for, interviewing multiple times for, and not ever getting called back on jobs for the nine months I was unemployed. It's more stressful, even, than working for a company which is going down in flames all around you.

It is, Pete and I agree, fucking exhausting. You stress and tire yourself out from stressing. You eat comfort food, which tends not to be terribly nourishing or good for you. You try to sleep but sleep won't come.

Ah, well. We persevere.

I've got nothing new to report. We're this close to signing a lease. We thought we were this close last week, too. With any luck tomorrow we'll be this much closer to signing the lease.


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EnriqueFreeque said...

You are both brave doing what you're doing. Wish I could help somehow.