Saturday, October 15, 2011

There Are Books In The Book Frog!

Paint and carpet were finished on Wednesday. Within a half hour or so of our arrival on Thursday morning, Pete and Jackie had already brought a few cases up from storage and begun placing them.

And I had set up an executive command center in the front of the store, watched over by the Book Frog's first frog, courtesy of Jackie.

The temperature on Thursday was in the nineties, but they hauled and installed all day long.

And by the end of day two, here's what we have. Yes, those are books on the floor.

How sweet is our space? This is the view from the window.



EnriqueFreeque said...


Would you prefer donations before or after your opening? Looks like you've got plenty of nice piles to work with; I'd hate to add to your burden if you have enough at the moment. Sooner or later works either way for us. You tell me. I've got four boxes packed so far, with still yet another entire garage wall of boxes to sort through.

Kid friendly looks like too! We may bring our kids by when we come. And my pal, Mardi (remember him from Acres of Books?) he wants to come too.

#167 Dad said...

Great news. I will do my best to promote The Book Frog from the other side of the desert!

Jill Corcoran said...

so excited to see a bookstore in our mall!
when do you open?
are you doing booksignings? if so, perhaps I can help you out---I am a children's book agent with Herman Agency. If you need help, please get in touch.