Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scrooged Again!

The man approached the counter holding a copy of Thomas Keller's gorgeous fifty dollar French Laundry Cookbook.

"How much is this?"

"Fifty dollars," Amy replied, after looking at the price on the back of the book.

"I saw it at Barnes & Noble for twenty-eight fifty. Do you price match?"

"No, we don't."

"Well how do you expect to stay in business if you don't price match? We wanted to support you, but we're going to have to go down there now."

Really? I kind of think that if you wanted to support your independent bookstore you'd do so by understanding that a small business can't afford to sell merchandise at less than cost. If you wanted to support your independent bookstore you'd bite the bullet and pay full price for that wonderful gift book (and know that we're making a sacrifice by discounting hardcover bestsellers thirty percent for you).

Merry Christmas, man.

1 comment:

EnriqueFreeque said...

$28.50 at Bowels & Movement my ass!

Cheap bass turd.

Merry Christmas!!