Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shop Online and Support Indies!

The Book Frog is so pleased to announce that--although our website (which is going to be fantastic) is still under construction--booklovers can now shop online and support us! If you click on the reading frog icon just to the right side of this page, you will be taken to our online store. Shop there, get great deals (including free shipping on orders greater than $25!), and support an indie bookstore.


Do note, please, that when you shop our online store you're not actually seeing our store's inventory...I wish it were that huge! No, we use a service which allows our customers to access the Baker & Taylor database and take advantage of their tremendous warehousing capabilities. If you want to know what's on hand in the store, you'll need to come in or give us a call (310-265-2665).

Happy shopping!


EnriqueFreeque said...

Hi Becky,

I plan on placing an order this weekend. It's a great web store as it is, but I'm looking forward to your new website once it's up and running too.

Rebecca Glenn said...

Thanks, Brent. I can't wait to see our website, too...

Anonymous said...

The in-store experience is so much better than hovering in front ot the glowing screen, being assaulted with graphic clutter, and experiencing the on-line timewarp of mysteriously lost minutes.

But the store needs to entice readers inside, somehow. IMHO, moving displays have that ability. What draws the reader's eye best? A stack of books? Or the opening words of a novel, in letters 2" high, scrolling towards the entrance:

"It was true that at the age of twenty-five he had never left the country, that he had never got more than three days' march from his birthplace, no more than a day and a half of horse and carting or one long afternoon's locomoting. On the other hand, Gyuri mused, how many people could say they had travelled the length and breadth of Hungary naked?"

from Under the Frog by Tibor Fischer.

Rebecca Glenn said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Anonymous. We have many truly great, appealing displays...but nothing that moves (except when books go tumbling to the floor) yet.