Thursday, September 5, 2013

Book Review: Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger is a proper Edwardian gentleman. He and his fellow creatures live properly buttoned-down lives in a properly bland city of brownstones and fountains and very little color. 

When Mr. Tiger decides to have some go a little find the color...the other animals tell him to head for the wilderness.

So he does, and it's wonderful. For a while. But it's lonely to be the only wild creature in the great big wilderness, so Mr. Tiger heads back to the city. There he finds that things have changed and everybody's, shall we say, loosened up a bit. 

If you're at all familiar with Peter Brown's work (Chowder,Children Make Terrible Pets, The Curious Garden) you already know to expect two things: gorgeous illustrations--here cunningly rendered in India ink, watercolor, gouache, and pencil on paper, then put through the digital wringer for an extra bit of magic, and a little bit of subversion. As the author himself says on the dust jacket, "Hello. I am Peter Brown, and it is my professional opinion that everyone should find time to go a little wild." 

Duly noted, Mr. Brown, duly noted.

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